Flow camps are the highlight of every student’s year!

Flow camp is the New Zealand’s premier and only Flow movement focused camp, developing camaraderie, confidence, community and cool skills - an experience not to miss!


Over four days boys and girls will share the excitement of training and competing with like-minded young enthusiastic traceurs, free-runners, trickers, breakers, tumblers, circus performers and street workout athletes. Professional teachers will be with you each day sharing knowledge and experience in each of their individual crafts.


Flow Camp is participation focused! With Campfires, Mudslides, Parkour obstacle course, Team building challenges, Burma trail, Glow worms, Break battles, Trick sessions, Workshops, High ropes, Kayaking, Airfloors, Zorbs and a Talent show, we don’t care what level or background you come from, just that you give everything a go!


The camp is fully catered with breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and snacks provided throughout the day.


Flow camp is open to all children aged 9 and over.  Our next camp is on the 22 to the 25th January 2018, it pays to book early so click here to download our Registration Form.



Click the "Book Now" button to pay your $100 deposit securing your place at Flow Camp 2018


Flow Summer Camp – Ultimate Experience


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